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Coming up in the newscast, Florida records over 4000 COVID-19 cases on Saturday, Miramar begins phase two reopening today and Jamaica sees an increase in cases following the reopening of its borders.

Now for the news in the detail

Over the weekend, Florida again broke the daily COVID-19 record, with 4,049 new confirmed cases on Saturday. This marked the third consecutive day that Florida recorded a record high of COVID-19 cases. On Sunday, almost 3,5000 cases were confirmed. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that although the numbers are increasing, the reopening plans will not be halted, citing hospital vacancy and chalking up the higher daily case numbers to increased testing. However, data published by Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration shows hospitals across the state have filled most or all available beds in their respective intensive care units. Palm Beach County was among those statewide regions where the availability of beds was most scarce.

In the meantime, The city of Miramar has announced that phase two reopening will begin today, June 22. Under the phase two reopening, some of the city’s parks, fitness centers, community centers and swimming pools will reopen. However, there are limitations on some activities and the city has outlined CDC guidelines such as social distancing and the wearing of masks which should be adhered to by all residents. As for the state’s phase two reopening, the South Florida counties are still excluded.

In Caribbean News, Jamaica has seen an increase in COVID-19 last week, following the reopening of the country’s borders to nationals and tourists. As of yesterday, the island recorded 657 confirmed cases with 37 cases being confirmed over the last week. During the week prior to the reopening of the borders, there were 10 new cases. Jamaica’s health minister has urged nationals who have entered the country to remain at home as reports emerge about numerous citizens breaking the stay at home order.

In the meantime, Trinidad says that its borders will remain closed for now as the island enters a new phase of reopening its economy this week. Prime Minister Keith Rowley said while other Caribbean islands have began accepting tourists, Trinidad is remaining cautious. Beginning this week, however, the island’s beaches, rivers, clubs, cinemas and other entertainment venues will resume operations.

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