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Coming up in the newscast, Florida breaks the COVID-19 state record in just three days, the OAS calls for Guyanese government to move out and West Indies cricket team shows support for Black Lives Matter.

Now for the news in the detail

After recording some 2,500 COVID-19 cases on Saturday, the highest number of positive cases recorded in the state over 24 hours, Florida broke the record again on Tuesday. The state reported another 2,783 cases of COVID-19 yesterday, which now becomes the highest number of new cases confirmed in a single day. Florida is now up to over 80,000 cases and 3000 COVID-19 deaths. Since last week Tuesday, there have been over 1000 new confirmed cases every day.

In the meantime, concerns are growing as to whether or not local leaders will reinstate the stay-at-home orders. Mayor of Miami-Dade Carlos Gimenez says that although he is aware of the sudden spike in numbers, he has no plans to announce a reimplementation of the orders. The main message from the mayors has been for residents to keep following safety guidelines, such as wearing masks and social distancing.

In Caribbean News, The Organization of American States (OAS) has called on the David Granger administration in Guyana to begin the process of transition, which will allow the legitimately elected government to take its place. Although Guyana’s election commission has yet make a final announcement as to which party won the March 2 elections, all preliminary results point to opposition leader Ifraan Ali becoming the country’s next president. The OAS said that the results of the national recount should be honored and has advised Granger to concede defeat and allow for Ali to take his place as the head of state.

In Sports News, Captain of the West Indies cricket team Jason Holder said they are committed to the global fight for racial justice, and will stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the upcoming series against England. While protests continue across the globe following the fatal shooting of George Floyd, Holder says the team will show their support during their first test match on July 8. He said like many other black athletes across the world, Holder said it is important for the team to unite and fight to inflict positive change even in the world of sports.

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