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Coming up in the newscast, ICE orders international students enrolled in online classes to leave the county, Miami-Dade County shuts down restaurant and gyms and Trinidad to hold general elections next month.

Now for the news in the detail

On Monday, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that international students who are pursuing degrees in America will have to leave the country or risk deportation if their universities switch to online-only courses. Many universities in the US have began to transition online in order to limit COVID-19 outbreaks on campus. The new rule applies to holders of F-1 and M-1 nonimmigrant visas, which allow nonimmigrant students to pursue academic and vocational coursework. The rule however puts thousands of Caribbean students who populate universities in Florida and other states at a disadvantage. Many students will be denied the experience of earning income on campus, taking part in internships, among other opportunities, all while paying the same tuition fees.

In Local News, Following the massive spike in COVId-19 cases over the holiday weekend, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced more closures across the county. As of today, June 8th, restaurant dining rooms, ballrooms, banquet facilities, party venues, gyms and fitness centers, and short-term rentals will all be closed. Restaurants, however, will still be allowed to operate for takeout and delivery services. While beaches are still open in the county, Gimenez warned that if the health rules are not followed, they will also be closed indefinitely.

Also in Miami-Dade, the county’s public school district is giving parents the opportunity to choose what format of learning their children undertake for the upcoming school year. From now till July 10, parents can select between three enrollment plans for their child: either the traditional school experience, online-only classes or a mixture of face-to-face and online classes. Schools in the county will reopen on August 24.

In Caribbean News, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Rowley has announced the date for the twin island’s next general elections. Nomination Day will be Friday, July 17 while citizens will vote for the new prime minister and government on August 10. The government also said that it is likely that the island’s borders will remain closed for the elections and as a consequence, citizens overseas will not be able to vote.

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