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Coming up in the newscast, Palm Beach County to distribute masks to every address. The Bahamas imposes travel ban on American visitors and Guyana high court calls for declaration of election results.

Now for the news in the detail

Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners on Monday approved a massive masks distribution program for all residents in the county. Every residential address will receive four masks (two cloth masks and two pleated masks) in their mailbox over the next four weeks, in an effort to encourage adherence to the health and safety rules. The county is currently under a State of Emergency as a result of COVID-19 and issued a mandatory facial covering order last month, requiring facial coverings to be worn in business establishments, public places, county and municipal government facilities and while riding on Palm Tran.

Now for Caribbean News, The Bahamas is banning travelers from the United States starting today after a surge in coronavirus cases followed the islands’ reopening to international tourism. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said Sunday that the country had seen 49 new coronavirus infections since it opened on July 1, nearly a third of the total of 153 cases seen on the island since the start of the pandemic. Most of the islands’ visitors come from the United States, many from Florida, which has high and climbing rates of COVID-19. After today, outgoing flight to the United States will still be permitted to allow U.S. citizens to leave the country. Minnis said travelers from the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada will still be allowed to visit the Bahamas but they will need to present proof of negative results from a COVID test upon entry.

Following the Bahamas’ announcement, St. Vincent said it was also considering the possibility of suspending flights from the United States. The Jamaican government, however, has assured that they will not follow suit.

Meanwhile, the latest update in the Guyana election saga, the island’s acting chief justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire on Monday dashed the latest attempt by the David Granger administration to retain power. Last week, a private citizen had asked the high court to compel the island’s election commission to use the initial election results to declare the winner. However, the Chief Justice dismissed the application and signaled that the recount results be used to declare the winner. The recount supports the opposition party PPP-C as winners of the elections.

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