A look at some of the top stories making the news today, December 7, across your Caribbean-American community in South Florida.

55-year-old Bronx resident Suzanne Bent has been taken into custody by U.S. immigration and Customer Enforcement officers for illegal migrating to the U.S. as a 9-year-old child in 1969. Authorities say Bent applied for a US passport in 2013 with fraudulent documents. She has been sentenced on probation. Prosecutors say she has a length criminal record.

Though the month has just begun, this December is already marked as the third wettest December in Miami’s history, according to the National Weather Service. Rainfall has reached a total 7.67 inches. This weekend’ downpour alone caused flooding in Kendall and Homestead, leaving many stranded.

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Former student from high schools across Jamaica gathered this Saturday to raise much needed funds for their alma maters at the 6th annual All-Alumni Walkathon at Central Broward Regional Park. Hosted by the Coalition of Jamaican Alumni Associations of Florida, the event’s proceeds will be donated for scholarships and school renovations.

In sports, Soccer Icon David Beckham’s plan to build a Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium in Miami got the seal of approval from MLS governors this past weekend.  Following several failures to find a home, the new stadium will now be built on the western edge of Overtown.

What’s trending:

The Jamaica dollar breaks a new exchange rate threshold, now being valued at $120 to $US1.  This marks a major fall from the $99.33 to US$1 valuation on May 1, 2013, following Jamaica’s new IMF loan agreement. IMF chief Christine Lagarde had then said Jamaican currency was overvalued.

For Today’s Weather Forecast:

Thunderstorms in Broward County with a high of 78 and a low of 68. For Miami-Dade, thunderstorm with a high of 79 and a low of 68. For more information on these and other stories, visit caribbeannationalweekly.com.



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