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Coming up in the newscast, Donald Trump is acquitted in impeachment trial, American tourist fakes abduction in Jamaica and Cayman Islands to hold elections in April.

Now for the news in the detail

Former US President, Donald Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment trial for his role in the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. The Senate voted on Saturday that Trump was not guilty of inciting the deadly mob. The 57-43 vote was most bipartisan support for conviction in a presidential impeachment trial. Just four presidential impeachment trials have taken place in America’s history, two of which were President Trump’s. The former president welcomed his second impeachment acquittal and said his movement “has only just begun.”

Now for Caribbean News,

In Jamaica, residents are calling for an American stewardess to be banned from the country after faking an abduction to get out of quarantine. Kalina Collier, an employee of Jetblue airlines, arrived in Jamaica on January 28 and was ordered to quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. Collier later went on social media and stated that she was being held hostage by the hotel and urged her followers to contact immigration authorities in the United States. Her story went viral, and after later disappearing from social media, hundreds of thousands of people asserted that she had been kidnapped. The Jamaica constabulary force later said that she was never in any danger and that were allegations were baseless. Collier was seen leaving Jamaica on February 14. Residents are calling for her to be charged with public mischief and banned from Jamaica.

And in the Cayman Islands,

The general election date has been moved up. The Governor of the Cayman Islands, Martyn Roper said citizens will head to the polls on April 14 – one month earlier than previously planned. The Parliament was dissolved on February 14 and Nomination Day will be on March 1st. The Premier of the islands, Alden McLaughlin, said his reason for changing the date is remove McKeeva Bush as Speaker of the House. In December 2020, Bush pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman on the island.

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