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Coming up in the newscast, Jerk Machine restaurant in Lauderhill calls for support after getting eviction notice, Jamaica imposed travel ban on the UK and Koffee makes Obama’s playlist for a fourth time.

Now for the news in the detail

The owners of the Jerk Machine restaurant in Lauderhill, one of the popular Caribbean restaurants in the community, are pleading for support after they received an eviction notice. On Wednesday, the restaurant will mark 31 years in lauderhill but the week began with a sour start when the owners where hit with a three-day eviction notice by their landlord. Catherine Malcolm, one of the owners of the restauarnt, says she has exhausted all avenues to get funding for her business. Jamaican-American Commissioner of Laudehill, Melissa Dunn is one of the community leaders rallying support to keep the restaurant open. Dunn is trying to assist the owners with a city grant, but that process is expected to take some time.A GoFundMe Page has been started to get the owners immediate help. The link can be found by visiting CNWNetwork.com

Now for Caribbean News,

In Jamaica, the government island has joined a growing list of countries that have issued a travel ban against the UK. The ban follows reports of a new strain of the coronavirus detected in the UK. Jamaica’s travel ban went into effect on Monday and will remain in place for an initial two-week period ending January 4, 2021. Of the three UK flights that were scheduled for Jamaica on Monday, only one was allowed to land on the island. The other two flights were canceled. The 302 passengers from the flights were immediately transported to a state quarantine facility for 48-hours, during which they will be tested. A video circulating on social media showed the passengers on the flight complaining about the quarantine order. (https://twitter.com/CNWNetwork/status/1341425353936547846)

And in Entertainment News,

Jamaican reggae artist Koffee has been featured on former US President Barack Obama’s playlist for a fourth time. Since 2015, Obama has shared a summer playlist and a list of his favourite songs each year. Earier this week, the former president shared his favourite songs of 2020 which include “Repeat” a collaboration between Koffee and British rapper J Hus. Last year, Koffee’s breakout single “Toast” was on Obama’s list of favorite songs of 2019. Obama’s summer playlists of 2020 and 2019 also featured the young Jamaican.

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