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The Bahamas government has taken issue with the reports of the United States and Amnesty International on human rights issues in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country. The Perry Christie government in separate statements said that it is preparing an official response and intends to issue a “formal protest’ on the matter. The government said that prior to the release of the US State Department’s 2016 report on human rights in The Bahamas, the government spoke with representatives of the United States government prior to the release of the report on human rights in the Bahamas.
Jamaican Reggae singer Edi Fitzroy is dead. The singer, whose real name is Fitzroy Edwards, passed away in the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon, Jamaica after a brief illness. He was 61-years-old. Edi Fitzroy is known for hits such as Princess Black, The Gun and First Class Citizen, and his four albums to his credit.
The Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale will eliminate its economy parking lot on April 19. Motorists using the facility will have to use a parking garage and will have to fork out twice as much for parking fees while finding that the parking garage will accommodate less vehicles.
In Sports
A Jamaican invitational team defeated a squad of Brazilian greats 2-1 at the National Stadium in Kingston on Sunday. Goals from Ricardo ‘Bibi’ Gardner and Gregory Simmonds lifted the team to victory. Ray Defreitas had earlier equalized for the Barzilains, whose squad included World Cup winners, Rivalso and Demilson.

Here’s What’s Trending

Haiti has announced six days of official mourning for the former President Rene Prevel, who died last weekend at his home of Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) or stroke. President Jovenel Moïse decreed the six days of national mourning to take place today March 6 to Saturday March 11.
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