Today is Tuesday the 17th and we’re taking a look at some of the top stories that are making the news across your Caribbean-American community here in South Florida. I’m Jahlisa Harvey and this is CNW90.

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Here are today’s top stories:

An earthquake measuring 5.5 rocked Cuba early this morning. The quake, that struck 50 miles off the southeast coast of the island, was felt up to 100 miles away in Santiago de Cuba and Guantanomo. Cuba’s location around several active fault systems produce about 2,000 siesmic events each year, although a majority go unnoticed.

Jamaica is collaborating with professionals from international tourism training institutions for the design and development of a hospitality school set to open next year. Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett said Professor Emeritus of Management and Tourism Studies at the George Washington University will lead the team tasked with developing the design of the institution and its programs and is expected to produce a business plan that will serve as a guide for the establishment of the school.

International dancehall artist Rupee, who has just signed a major record deal with U.S label ‘Ultra Music’ returns with yet another dance floor hit pairing up with the legendary chart-topping mega producer Troyton Rami of Black Shadow Music. His new song ‘Tipsy’ has a thumping bass line, infectious rhythm bringing the Caribbean party to the states.

In Sports:

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber shared his confidence in international soccer legend David Beckham who has been working hard at creating an MLS side in Miami since November of 2012. Garber said over the weekend that he is confident Miami will be the MLS’ 24th team. Adding that they’ll continue to work hard on finalizing a deal.

Now, here’s what’s trending:

In celebration of the U.S. Mint and Treasury’s 225th anniversary, the new $100 coin unveiled Thursday featured Lady Liberty as a black woman. This is the first time in American history Lady Liberty will be portrayed as a woman of color on United States currency.

For Tomorrows weather forecast:

Cloudy in Broward County with a high of 83 and a low of 59. Mostly cloudy in Miami-Dade, with a high of 79 and a low of 62. For more information on these and other stories, visit us online at Caribbean Make Sure to pick up your copy of the National Weekly at your nearest Caribbean American outlet.

Today’s news is brought to you by Grace Aloe. Aloe Vera drink, Refreshingly Delicious.”

This has been CNW90, I’m Jahlisa Harvey


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