US Citizens in the Eastern Caribbean Urged to Vote

United States citizens residing in the Eastern Caribbean are being urged to cast ballots on Monday ahead of the November 3 Presidential elections in their country.

“The US Embassy strongly encourages all Americans who wish to submit any official election materials to do so by Monday, October 19, to ensure that ballots are received at the local election offices by the November 3 deadline.

“For Americans who may not be able to physically visit the Embassy by October 19, please note that private couriers . . . may be utilised to guarantee an on-time delivery,” the US Embassy in Barbados said in a statement.

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Incumbent President, Republican Donald Trump is facing a strong challenge from Democrat and former vice president, Joe Biden with opinion polls in the North American country indicating that Biden has a healthy double-digit lead.

Millions of American voters have already cast ballots taking advantage of the early polling measures allowed for by the US electoral system.

“In small in-person gatherings centered on the recent presidential and vice-presidential debates as well as through social media, embassy employees have made the nonpartisan push for US citizens to cast their ballots,” the Embassy said.

It said that Voting Assistance Officer, Brianna Bailey-Gevlin, joined a group of Americans for the recent debate between Trump and Biden and provided official election materials and answered questions about overseas voting.

“Democracy is not a state; it is an act,” she told the group, indicating that voting is a civic duty, not just every four years for president, but also during state and local elections.

“Local elections, which are often overlooked or skipped, play as crucial of a role in our democracy as do the presidential elections. So vote this year and then vote next year and then the year after that,” Bailey-Gevlin said, advocating that Americans directly contact their local board of elections for the most accurate information about deadlines, requirements, and procedures, as they may vary by locality.


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