Too Much Guns, says English

Too Much Guns says English

Jamaica’s perennial crime problem has made citizens of the Caribbean country cower for over forty years. Singer Hugh English has lived in two of its toughest communities and seen the effects of violence.

His experience of inner-city life inspired the song Too Much Guns which is produced by Mightyful13 Records and released by VPAL, a subsidiary of VP Records.

Fitzroy Francis, head of Mightyful13 Records, told Caribbean National Weekly that Too Much Guns’ message is not limited to Jamaica.

“Life’s conditions each day have become more gloom and doom with the erroneous and senseless killings worldwide,” he said.

Two weeks ago, the song entered the New York Foundation Radio Network’s Top 30 Music Chart Top 10 at number eleven. Last week, it jumped three places to number eight.

English grew up in Trench Town and Waterhouse, gritty communities in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital. An outbreak of violence in Trench Town influenced him to write Too Much Guns which was first released in 2012 as Guns In The Hands of Fools.

The Mightyful13 version is the follow-up to Hey Jude, English’s cover of The Beatles classic which topped the New York Foundation Radio Network Top 30 in 2016. That song was also produced by Mightyful13 Records.