Several killed, others injured during weekend of violent clashes in Haiti

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti,  CMC – At least five people were killed and several others injured following weekend clashes among rival groups sparked by the shooting death of an opponent of Frandy Louis, a deputy leader of a political party here on Saturday.

Police said that violence erupted after supporters of the man, identified only as “Bouligan” and Louis in Limbé, in the northern section of the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country.

They said several buildings were set on fire including the residence of Jacot Leroi, who has been accused of committing the murder and a close associate of Louis.

The authorities said the home of Louis’ mother and that of a brother of a Member of Parliament as well as gas station belonging to Louis were also destroyed.

Several vehicles were also burnt.

Police said that during the clashes at least five people, including two brothers of the man suspected of killing “Bouligan’ were shot and killed and several others injured.

The police have made no arrests and eyewitnesses said that the area is tense as the heavily armed gangs roam the area.

Meanwhile, police are searching for those who shot and killed a police officer on Saturday night while he was returning from a night club in Carrefour, Saint-Hilaire Charleson, situated northeast of the town of Torbeck.


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