Security to be boosted at Guyana/Venezuela border

Security will be heightened at the Guyana Venezuela border in the wake of the discovery of an illegal road that links both countries.

Criminal gangs from Venezuela

Minister of State Joe Harmon says there has been growing concern from Guyanese in the bordering regions about the number of Venezuelan criminal gangs that are coming over to the Guyana side from time to time, especially in the gold mining areas close to the border.

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Harmon told reporters that the National Security Committee, which is chaired by the President, has been paying attention to the issues and more active surveillance of border communities will be conducted.

He reminded that Guyana’s border regions are large and the borders themselves are expansive. With regard to the illegal roads, he said because of the large land areas, persons are able to construct roads without being noticed.

He said only the crossings that are identified as immigration points ought to be used.

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GDF to play a bigger role

The Guyana Defense Force is expected to play a bigger role in monitoring and security at the border locations with Guyana and Venezuela.

On Thursday President David Granger told Guyana Defense Force officers that the Air Corps and Coast Guard of the GDF will be upgraded to allow for continuous surveillance over our airspace, maritime space and land-space and to support search-and-rescue services to persons in distress.

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