Reports of fraud in Haitian elections lead to violent protests

Over 300 people took to the streets on Saturday to protest against alleged reports of fraud in the recent presidential election.

Some protestors resorted to violence forcing police to break up the demonstration with tear gas.

The results, released last Thursday, showed government backed candidate Jovenel Moise and former state construction chief Judge Celestin heading for a runoff vote on December 27 .

On Saturday, supporters of Celestine held placards with pictures of the candidate that said “Jude or Death”.

The election, which included balloting for parliament and mayors, attracted  54 presidential candidates,

Of the 5.8 million registered voters, over 1.5 million votes were cast in the election, of those 120,066 were invalidated for fraud and other irregularities.

The scheduled runoff between Moise and Célestin ,has not gone down well with some hopefuls and several have already announced plans to push for the removal of Moise, who has reportedly been chosen by President Michel Martelly.

Following the announcement of the preliminary results, eight of the candidates issued a signed letter to the CEP asking members to appoint a five-member independent commission to do a deeper scrutiny of the ballot sheets to address the allegations of fraud and irregularities prior to publishing the results.



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