President Biden Anticipates Strengthening Ties with Guyana

Recently inaugurated United States President Joe Biden expressed a desire to strengthen bilateral relations with Guyana, as the CARICOM nation celebrated its 51st Republic Anniversary, on Tuesday.

In a congratulatory message to President Irfaan Ali, Biden also said he wanted the two governments to address security issues and other matters that affect both countries.

“Guyana is a strong democracy, and I look forward to strengthening our bilateral relationship based on shared principles of good governance, prosperity, and security. The challenges of COVID-19 affect all of us and make clear that we must advance our partnership to face the global pandemic, together,” he wrote.

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“In the year ahead, I look forward to our teams addressing the issues and security concerns that threaten our shared interests, while building on Guyana’s economic growth and development.”

In his address to the nation, President Ali urged citizens to work and live together in peace and harmony.

“Our country’s national motto, ‘One people, One nation, One destiny’, is the tripod upon which our independent and republican statehood rests. The elements of our national motto commit us to the pursuit of unity; it affirms our sovereignty and shapes our ambitions,” he said.

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President Ali recently announced, in the National Assembly, the establishment of a One Guyana Commission that is aimed at “excising the vices of ethnic rancor, hatred and divisiveness; breaking down barriers of mistrust, suspicion, and stereotypes; and fostering greater tolerance and understanding”.

In his address on Tuesday, he said the establishment of that commission “attests to the inclusive approach which is necessary to realize the ambitions which we set ourselves both at Independence and upon becoming a Republic”.

Ali said the commission, which will be given legislative effect, “will harness the goodwill which exists in our society and to take the practical steps which are necessary and desirable to cement our society while respecting the diversity from which our oneness springs”.

He said the purpose of the commission would be to take practical steps to “cement our one society, encompassing and respecting the diversity from which our oneness springs”.

“The commission will foster the free contention of our people’s voices, honour our ancestral heritage while celebrating our multiculturalism,” President Ali added.


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