Opposition movement threatens senior police officer with lawsuit

Haitian National Police

PORT AU PRINCE, CMC – Lawyers representing members of the Democratic and Popular Movement (DPM) are threatening legal action against the National Police of Haiti (PNH) if it fails to identify police officers allegedly involved in acts of violence against citizens last month.

“A request will be sent on…November 9, 2018 to the Director General of the PNH to ask him to take all the necessary administrative measures to facilitate the identification of the offending police and translate them in front of competent judicial bodies to be tried and punished in accordance with the law,” the lawyers said.

The DPM, which represents 20 opposition political parties, said that the police acted illegally on October 17 and 31 during demonstrations by supporters resulting in several people being killed and wounded.

In the statement, the lawyers said they want the PNH Director General, Michel Ange Gédeon, to take steps to facilitate the identification of police officers and that they will seek to prosecute him before national and international bodies if he fails to do so.

They said they intend to write to the International Criminal Court requesting an investigation into the “crimes against humanity, committed in Haiti”.


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