Mudslinging Sheriff Race: Israel’s Campaign Consultant Resigns after Attacking Sheriff Tony with N-word

In what is shaping up to be a knock-down, drag-out election for Broward Sheriff, one of the front runners, former Sheriff Scott Israel, is taking incoming for incendiary comments from his now-former political consultant Terry Scott.

Scott, an African American previously with Israel campaign for reelection as Broward County Sheriff, has resigned from the campaign after coming under fire for referring to incumbent county sheriff, Gregory Tony as a “house n…er.”

Israel and Tony are two of the leading candidates, who are actively campaigning on behalf of the Democratic Party for the position of Broward County Sheriff in primary elections to be held on August 18. 

Israel was the 16th Sheriff of Broward County from 2013 until his suspension on January 11, 2019, by an executive order signed by new Governor Ron DeSantis. 

The tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018, occurred during Israel’s jurisdiction, after which he, his department and deputies were criticized.

Subsequent to his suspension which was confirmed in October 2019 by the Florida Senate, Governor DeSantis appointed Tony to the position.

In a video posted on social media last Saturday, Scott, who was being paid $21,000 as a political consultant said, “Tony came as arrogance — like we owe him something, like he was the house n—er.”  

Following the posting of the video, Broward County Mayor Dale Holness and Sheriff Tony demanded that Israel dismiss Scott from his campaign.

In a statement released on Monday, Holness said, “Comments like these, words like these, have no place in our politics or our community. Using the n-word to attack any member of our community is unacceptable. Scott Israel needs to immediately condemn and disavow these despicable comments, and fire his top campaign aide who made them.”

Also in a released statement, Tony said, “Scott Israel and his political team need to refrain from using inflammatory words and terms that are racist, hateful and prejudiced. Our entire nation continues to seek new ways to reform police and dismantle long-standing systemic racism within the criminal justice system. 

“Anyone serving or seeking to serve Broward County should have zero tolerance, a moral compass against racism, and must not condone abusive or divisive language driven by hatred. It has no place in our community. It only fractures our ability to unite.”

Responding to the demand for Scott’s dismissal, Amy Rose, a spokeswoman for Israel, said in a statement that Scott is no longer working on Israel’s campaign.

“Sheriff Israel strongly condemns the language used in a video by Terry Scott, an African American community activist,” Rose said. “This language has absolutely no place in our society, and he (Scott Israel) believes it was an unacceptable choice of words. Mr. Scott has since resigned his role in our campaign and political committee.”

Scott said he made a joint decision with Israel to resign from the campaign, but refused to apologize for using the n-word. 

He is reported as having said, “I don’t want to apologize for anything I said. He (Tony) deserves it. It’s the truth, and I won’t take it back. I am a Black man. There is nothing racist in what I can say to another Black man.”



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