Miramar Mayor to introduce proposal to provide relief for federal employees impacted by government shutdown

On Wednesday, City of  Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam proposed a measure to the Miramar City Commission to bring relief to local federal employees who are impacted by the government shutdown. Messam filed a motion to waive any water bill late fees and put a prohibition on any water service disconnection for any federal employees who are not being paid for their services.  Messam’s effort comes as the federal government shutdown enters its 26th day, the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

Mayor Messam is a statement said, “The American people have now waited weeks for the President to end the longest government shutdown in history. This irresponsible standstill is hurting Florida, as over 13,000 federal employees in South Florida go without pay, threatening financial security for their families. Tonight, I will ask our city government to take a small step to ensure we take action where Washington has failed us. I encourage the Miramar City Commission to support this critical relief measure as a small step in protecting our residents from Washington’s breakdown.”  


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