Minority coalition will assure Hillary Clinton victory

Minority coalition will assure Hillary Clinton victory

Garth A Rose

On the eve of US presidential elections there are a lot of nervous Clinton supporters. The combination of negative email leaked by Wikileaks, the protracted FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server and the treatment of classified information by Clinton and her staff, and the fluctuating results of multiple political polls, are eroding the once solid confidence of those who just a few weeks ago took Clinton’s election for granted.

However, those who are growing nervous and losing their confidence are urged to not be dissuaded. Hillary Clinton will win the election. Her victory will be announced on Tuesday night, Nov 8.

There’s confidence in her victory because it will be assured by the coalition, the minority coalition of Black, Hispanic, Asian, women and youth voters. On the eve of Election Day there is reason for concern because data derived from early voting and returned mail-in ballots in Florida and other states have revealed decrease in votes by black voters, and young voters compared to early votes cast in 2014.

However, there are still strong indications that the components of the minority coalition will turn out heavily on November 8.

In Liberty City, a 90 percent populated Black community in Miami, Florida, six registered Democrats of the Levine household were yet to vote as of Friday morning, November 4. However, the six voters all said they will vote, but like “the atmosphere of voting on Election Day” and will vote then.

Surprisingly, other black voters in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, said it is more convenient to vote at their assigned Election Day voting sites than any of the designated early voting locations, and are waiting to vote on November 8.

Boosting Clinton chances of winning the presidency is her chances of winning Florida. The minority coalition is particularly strong in Florida with evidence of a strong swing towards her by Hispanics including voters originating from Puerto Rico, women voters, and the prevailing potential from Black voters in South and Central Florida to elect her once they turnout heavily to vote.

The Hillary for America campaign has been particularly strong in Florida, but returns from early voting and returned mail-in ballots still show the race too close to call as of Friday, Nov 4. However, since November 2, there has been evidence of a welcome surge of Democrat voter. This surge is likely to continue up to Election Day as the election campaign fever rises.

Another reason why a Hillary Clinton win is predicted is that the minority coalition is being indirectly boosted by a large percentage of Republicans. On Friday it was estimated that 28 percent of Republicans have already voted do not support Trump’s candidacy, although voting for down-ballot Republicans. Voters who are not voting for Trump are indirectly voting for Clinton.

While, admittedly, not as strong as the coalitions that helped elect Barack Obama in 2008 and 2014, the minority coalition, once they turn out to vote as anticipated, will again be pivotal to putting another Democrat in the White House.

On the eve of the elections, the environment remains too toxic in several so-called battle ground states to predict the outcome in those states, but it is predicted Clinton will win Florida. This win will ensure she amass in excess of 270 electoral votes to be elected the next president of the United States of America.


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