Martelly’s family flee to neighboring DR

Former Haitian President Michel Martelly

As violent protests broke out in Haiti over the weekend, the family of former Haitian President Michel Martelly reportedly fled to the Dominican Republic.

Listin Diario reported that the Martelly arrived in the Dominican Republic through the Maria Montez International Airport on Sunday afternoon, in a helicopter from Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital. 

The paper quoted a source as saying the group included Martelly’s wife, Angela Pierre Jean-Baptiste, and the ex-president’s children, Michel Yani, Bianka Christy J., Michael Alexandre, Michael Olivier, Olivia Michael, Kahlil Michel-Olivier and Melaika Michael Martelly. 

Th paper is also reporting that DR airport authorities, civil and military security, as well as the Customs Directorate have been put on high alert, as it is expected other important Haitian families, could flee to the DR given the rising violence in Haiti.


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