Little Haiti Cultural Center celebrates Black History Month

Looking for a little creative inspiration this month? Get on dose of revolutionary creativity as new exhibit “Symbols of Freedom: The Power of Revolution” gets set to open with a special reception on February 1, starting 6 pm at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex (LHCC)

The exhibition, curated by Marie Vickles, LHCC’s Curator in Residence, and organized by Romuald Bianchard of Lobey Art and Travel, will feature the works of Haitian visual artist Florestal Evens. Evens’ colorful works explore the rich history and significance of the Vévé symbols as catalytic element of the Haitian Revolution and subsequent establishment of the first free Black state in the New World, founded by self-liberate African slaves. The exhibit, which will run until March 12, is presented by the center in collaboration with Lobey Art and Travel, and Future Roots Collective. Admission to the exhibit is free and open to the public.

The show is part of the Center’s annual series of celebrations during Black History Month, celebrating and paying tribute to the history and contributions of people from the African Diaspora.  The celebrations will also include family-friendly interactive workshops on Haitian history, traditional Haitian folk dance, West African drumming, and Brazilian Capoeira.



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