Gatlin interview with TMZ: Justin Gatlin trash talks Bolt again

Justin Gatlin (left) vows to defeat Usain Bolt in Brazil

Gatlin interview: vows to beat Bolt in Brazil

Two-time doper and controversial American sprinter Justin Gatlin in an interview with TMZ, has vowed to defeat the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, at the Rio Olympics later this year. In the Gatlin interview, he says he is seeking revenge after Bolt put a troubled build-up behind him to beat the American and retain his world 100m title in Beijing, China, last year.

The prospect of another clash between Bolt and Gatlin sets the tone for an epic 100m showdown during the summer Olympics in Brazil from the 5th to the 21st of August.

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In the Gatlin interview which was aired on TMZ, Gatlin said, “I’m going to win. We are bringing it (gold medal) back to the USA. We are going to bring it back to the USA, to LA to New York.”

“We are going on a tour around the country with it around my neck like a gold chain.”

Although Gatlin came into the final in Beijing last year on a 28-race unbeaten run, Bolt beat him at the death to snatch victory by one hundredth of a second. See video below.

Gatlin says he considers himself the closest threat Bolt has ever had and he is working hard to be even better.

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“It’s my duty to beat the biggest rival possible to make it one of the most epic races in Olympic history, so I got to stand up to the duty. So I am working very hard around the clock,” said Gatlin.

“Last year was a nail-biter to the finish line at the World Championships. He won over me by a hundredth of a second, so I am the closest threat he has ever had. So right now I am working to be better than that.”

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Watch American sprinter Justin Gatlin speak with TMZ reporters about winning the 100m in the Rio Olympics this summer:

Watch Bolt defeat Gatlin in the 100m by one hundredth of a second at the 2015 World Championships:

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