Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness Provides Computer Devices to Students

CNW Reporter

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness is leading by example and showing his support for the Ministry of Education’s ‘One Device Per Child’ Initiative.

He recently donated 600 devices to all the PEP and CSEC students registered in schools in his St Andrew West Central constituency. The donation was made through the Prime Minister’s Positive Jamaica Foundation.

Holness said that his government wants to use the pandemic as an opportunity to ensure that every Jamaican child has access to the digital world.

“Even after the pandemic, devices such as these will be critical for learning. Using it for school work, to inform, and as a productive tool to solve problems will give us the generational leap necessary to become a knowledge economy. We are using this as an opportunity to ensure that every Jamaican child can participate in the digital age with a device,” Holness said on social media.

“I consider these devices the new book and pencil of learning. Every Jamaican child must have a device,” he said.

He has promised that as more devices become available, he will make donations to students in other communities across the island.



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