Jamaica’s Alan Beckford to officiate Olympic triathlon

Alan Beckford

Create history as first Jamaican Olympic triathlon official

Jamaica’s Alan Beckford will become the first official from the English-speaking Caribbean to officiate in triathlon at the Olympic Games.

Beckford, who is head of the local association, has been selected by the International Olympic Committee to officiate at the Rio Games this summer.

“It’s been eight years of being an international official officiating in over twelve countries going all over the world. It’s hard work; a lot of people think it’s glamour. You get up in the morning at 5 o’clock and get home at 10 o’clock but at the end of the day it’s really rewarding to know that you have been selected to the premium event in any sport that you can go to is the Olympics to officiate,” said Beckford.

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Beckford is not yet sure which of the three sections of the event he’ll be assigned to work.

Beckford is a professional in the field of Finance, with more than 20 years seniormanagement experience in the public and private sectors, having led the strategic development of institutions such as the Jamaica Automobile Association, the Sports Development Foundation and Island Life Merchant.

He served on a number of boards including the CHASE Fund, Overseas Examnination Commission, HEART Trust/NTA and Jamaica College.

A former student of Jamaica College, he pursued his tertiary education at the New York Institute of Technology graduatiing in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management. He completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Finance Option) in 1987.

Beckford is integrally involved in his community, especially in the area of sports administration and development. A past Vice President, Finance, of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association, he helps young Jamaica College athletes develop their talents. True to his passion for running, he is a founding member of the Jamdammers Running Club, where he advocated for the development of long distance running in Jamaica.

Mr. Beckford is the Vice President of the Jamaica Triathlon Association, a member of the Jamaica Athletics Administration Association and is an internationally certified Triathlon Track and Field, and Swimming official.




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