Jamaica and US sign new air transport agreement

Jamaica US flag

Jamaica and the United States have signed an agreement amending their 2008 air transport accord that will now allow for new all-cargo rights.

The amendment includes the “seventh-freedom rights” for all-cargo operations, effective as of the date of signing.

The State Department said the “seventh-freedom rights” permit flights between a second and third country without touching the airline’s home country.

“These rights facilitate the efficient and cost-effective movement of goods, strengthen global express delivery cargo networks, enhance connectivity and competitiveness, and promote economic growth,” the State Department said.

It said Air Transport Agreements provide air traffic rights for airlines to offer international passenger and cargo services.

“The modern Open Skies Air Transport Agreement between Jamaica and the United States eliminates government intervention in commercial airline decisions about routes, capacity and pricing,” the State Department said.

“By increasing market access, the agreement enables airlines of both of our countries to provide affordable, convenient and efficient air service for consumers and businesses, and is a valuable tool to promote economic and employment growth.

“These initiatives underscore the US government’s commitment to the Caribbean as outlined in the Caribbean 2020 strategy – the US policy framework to enhance partnerships in security, energy, diplomacy, prosperity, education, and health in the Caribbean region,” the State Department added.

The amended agreement was signed Thursday by US Chargé d’ Affaires Eric Khant and Jamaica’s Minister of Transport and Mining Robert Montague.


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