Jamaica seeks to have more students study in China

Minister Ruel Reid School Future
Jamaica's Education Minister Ruel Reid

The Jamaica government has announced its holding talks with China on ways to significantly increase the number of young Jamaicans able to study in that Asian country.

Education Minister, Ruel Reid, said the increase in Jamaican students going to China is welcome, and in keeping with the fact that “we also have dozens of young people who are teaching the English language in Japan [who] are part of a Jamaica and Japan exchange teaching program.”

Bilateral agreements

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Reid said that Jamaica also has bilateral agreements with other countries to facilitate academic studies. He encouraged students to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade website to get more details.

The minister said the Jamaican government is implementing several initiatives aimed at increasing individuals’ access to higher education locally. “We have sought to make it easier for you to get loans through the Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB). The SLB has typically approved close to 100 per cent of loan applications received in recent years,” he said.

Student Loan Bureau

In a message read out at the inaugural GoHigher conference earlier this week, Reid said in 2017, nearly 100 per cent of loan applications received by the SLB were approved. “It gives you a sense as to the endless possibilities and that hand of partnership that is being extended to those who may not necessarily be in a position to have the funds readily at hand to access higher education. The SLB is a waiting partner… seek to reach out to them,” he added.

He said last year, the interest rates on loans for agricultural studies, engineering, information technology and studies in maritime and logistics, were reduced to six per cent. “So if you are interested in these particular fields, opportunity is knocking. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is a growth area globally… so we are encouraging our young people to go into the fields,” he said.


Reid said that since 2016, more than 400 scholarships have been awarded to persons pursuing teacher training in mathematics, and further advised that the first cohort of 109 trainees will graduate this year.

He urged other qualified persons interested in teaching mathematics to get in touch with the Ministry.

Noting that Jamaica boasts some of the best tertiary institutions globally, Reid sought to encourage young people, in particular, to “take the time to find out what you can get trained in at our universities and colleges”, while emphasizing the importance of training and certification.

He said the government’s decision to remove obligatory fees at the secondary level is to ensure that more students can access higher education.



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