Jamaica Confirms Six New Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – As the local spread of the coronavirus begins on the island, Jamaica is confirming six new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases, so far, to eight.

The cases, include the two previously confirmed, are:

Two males, aged 63 and 67, who came into the island on March 7 from Trinidad, having travelled from Malaysia by way of Dubai and London. They presented themselves at hospital on March 11.

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One male, 36, who travelled from Manchester, England. He was taken to hospital from his hotel via ambulance on March 11.

One male, 31, a Jamaican overseas ship worker who came in from the Canary Islands via Portugal and Miami. He arrived on the island on February 25 and presented to hospital with symptoms on March 10.

One male, 58, who is the father of the first patient who was confirmed with COVID-19. He was discovered ill at home on March 11.

One female, 34, who is a close contact, also of the first patient, who was confirmed with COVID-19 on the island.

Yesterday, the government of Jamaica ordered all schools closed for 14 days. All universities on the island have also suspended classes. In addition, there will be no mass gatherings or public events for a period of two weeks. Members of the diaspora are being advised not to travel to Jamaica until advised, similarly, all non-essential travel for Jamaican residents has been discouraged at this time.



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