JA report to expose bad gas chain

A report from the committee that was established to probe the distribution of bad gas, will be made public.

Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell made announcement in response to calls from the main opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the public for the names of the entities implicated to be disclosed.

The committee has been mandated to submit its first set of findings by the end of this month.

Last week, 17 gas stations were ordered to close pumps selling the bad gas that reportedly contained what is called ‘unwashed gum’.

Paulwell appointed the Committee last Thursday and met with JGRA members on Monday morning.

He said once he report is made public, the members may issue statements, updates and comments on any related issue.

Meanwhile, the JGRA has been instructed to serve claims on petroleum marketing companies to recover losses they incurred due to the sale of  contaminated fuel.

The order was issued on Monday during an emergency meeting of  the Association.

“The JGRA can confirm that we have been instructed by some of the affected dealers to start the process of filing claims against the marketing companies that were supplying products.”

He said the Association is considering all the options given the losses incurred by the gas station operators since the closure of  the pumps nearly a week ago.

Last week, Paulwell ordered 17 gas stations across the country to shut off their pumps after tests showed they had been selling contaminated gas, and instructed the Major Organized and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) has been instructed to investigate further.

The minister said that legal counsel had advised that the names of petrol stations and suppliers implicated in the investigations should remain classified.

“The investigations are ongoing and as a responsible Minister of Government it would be unwise for me to make statements before the completion of due process and in a manner that would negatively impact the trade and the businesses of law-abiding players in the industry,” Paulwell said.

The Bureau of Standards has assured that it will maintain its close and rigorous scrutiny of the entire chain of activity in the distribution and trade and enforce measures designed to maintain optimum standards.


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