Hillary Clinton courts Caribbean vote in South Florida

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Hazelle Rogers among Clinton advocates

In their efforts to court the Caribbean vote ahead of the Florida presidential primaries tomorrow, the Hillary Clinton campaign has established a Caribbean Leadership Council of state and local leaders among the Diaspora.

Advocates for the Clinton campaign include state representatives Hazelle Rogers and Daphne Campbell, Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, and Miami Dade commission chairman Jean Monestime.

Clinton’s husband, Former President Bill Clinton, made a campaign stop in Miami Gardens Sunday recently where he spoke at an event at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex and was joined by U.S. Representative Frederica Wilson, among others.

He told the crowd her Republican rivals don’t want her to win the Democratic nomination out of fear she will beat them.

“Everything Hillary accomplished — as Secretary of State, a Senator, in the White House — she actually had some good Republicans supporting her,” Clinton said. “Now, they start being mean to her when she left the Secretary of State’s office because they said ‘Oh my goodness, we have to run against her, what will we say.’”

During his speech, President Clinton addressed the recent shooting death of 6-year-old King Carter and honored the mothers of gun violence, including Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin.

At the rally, Rep. Frederica Wilson of Miami singled out Trump in making her case for Clinton, who would continue President Obama’s legacy.

“She deserves to go back to the White House, but this time as the commander in chief,” Wilson said. “If we elect Donald Trump, all of Obama’s hard work will be wiped out.”

Wilson also made sure to mention that Clinton would be the first woman president, something female voters of Florida seem to be keenly aware of in the poll. Among women voters polled, Clinton was favored 58-20 percent over Sanders. Men backed her 49-20 percent over Sanders. Clinton also beat Sanders among every age group of voters who were polled.



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