Haitian Government condemns treatment of bodies

The Haitian government has denounced images on social media showing the bodies of dead people being thrown into a garbage truck as a ploy to paint the country as supporting police brutality.

In a statement, the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities said it “is shocked at the images of a video circulating showing without dignity, the corpses of young citizens mistreated thrown in a garbage truck.”

The authorities said that the video was being broadcast on social media without “any fear or respect for the dead, nor for the lives of people in general.

“The Ministry strongly condemns the actions of individuals and groups in society who want to make believe these images as abuses committed by the police on the population, which is false, “it said in the statement.

The work of political opponents

The Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities said that the video was being circulated by political opponents of the government and is “intended to sow instability throughout the country, on the basis of false information….“This type of conspiracy, is one of the various attacks made by these groups for some time to cause problems to the power in place,” it said, urging the law enforcement agencies to deal with the situation “without delay.”.

In the meantime, the ministry is urging the population “to remain calm and not to get involved in these political manipulations”.


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