Haiti Death Toll Increases from Tropical Storm Laura

Photo via AP

Haiti has raised the death toll from the passage of Tropical Storm Laura last weekend to 31 and said that eight people are still missing and presumed dead.

The Ministry of the Interior and the Economic and Social Assistance Fund have been providing urgent assistance including mattresses, materials for repairing homes as well as food kits to more than 800 families in Cité Soleil, Gressier and Tabarre in the Western Departments as well to those affected in the South-Eastern Departments of Anse-in-Pitres and Cayes-Jacmel.

Earlier this week, the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) had put the death toll at 20 with at least five others reported missing. The DPC in a partial report said that the deaths occurred in the south-east, west and south departments.

But in its latest report, it said 31 people had dead, eight missing and eight others injured. It said a total of 2,320 houses were damaged, 6,272 were flooded and 243 others destroyed

Civil Protection volunteers continue to clear and clean public spaces, including streets blocked by trees that fell during the storm and the authorities said that a reconnaissance flight, coordinated by the National Emergency Operations Center, has revealed the extent of the damage in the West and South-East.

“In the field, in-depth assessments, primarily in the agricultural sector, are continuing in these two departments but also in the South, with the support of several national and international partners,” the DPC said, extending its sympathies to the families affected by the storm.,

It said it also wanted to remind the population of the need to maintain caution, “especially since we are only in the middle of the hurricane season”.

Tropical Storm Laura grew into a powerful Category 4 hurricane — the second-highest level — as it moved across the Gulf of Mexico and on Thursday, struck Louisiana killing six people and causing much less damage than expected.



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