#CNWTalkUp: Have You Decided Who Will Get Your Vote in the Presidential Election?

With the United States election less than three weeks away, and early voting about to begin in several states, including Florida. Many voters have already made up their minds on how they will vote and which candidate they will vote for.

CNW Network recently hit the streets of New York to ask residents if they have already decided on who will get their vote in the election this year. Here are the responses:

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Vanessa Williams – “I am mostly looking for a liberal. Although before coronavirus, I would’ve gone with Trump because I’m a Republican. I don’t think Biden shows assertiveness in politics and I think Democrats have always played on the emotional and racial card. And I think a lot of us [Black people] are Democrats because our parents are Democrats. I still remain a Republican but now I’d shift towards a liberal rather than Biden.”

Delia Smith – “I don’t trust mail-in voting because of the way the postal system in set up. I’m not saying people would tamper with it, but things can get destroyed. There’s a lot of things that can happen between here and where its suppose to go. I’m planning to vote for Biden because I believe Biden will address the poor person’s agenda, where Trump is not for minorities or poor people.”

Steven Clement – “I don’t think mail-in voting is good. I think it came because of the coronavirus as a means of trying to stop people from being together. But I’ve never done mail-in voting. I’m gonna vote for Biden. I don’t expect a huge change immediately because there’s a lot of stuff that has to be taken care of. Trump has shown that he has no respect for women, minorities. He doesn’t like Jews, Mexicans, Africans, Muslims. He doesn’t like anybody. And this country is about everybody.”

Radley King “I’m gonna vote for Biden simply because Trump has the country divided right now and as you can see, my children are mixed. I’m all about equality.

Stephen Smith – “The people that are put up in those positions are always liars, racist, whatever title you want to put to them. I think they’re rattlesnakes. If I had to pick the lesser of the two evils, it would be Biden but I’m not under the hypocrisy that my vote counts when its really the American Electoral College that is gonna pick the president anyway. I choose myself.”

Debra Freeman – “I would like to vote in person instead of mailing it in. I want to be sure that my vote is counted. I’m planning to vote for Biden. I’m tired of Trump, I want him out. Biden is more American, more caring. Everybody’s sick of Trump and his antics.”

Kenny Freeman – “I’m gonna vote for Biden and I’m gonna cast my ballot. I’m not too confident about the postal system based on past experiences and I want to make sure my vote is counted. I like Biden’s views on a lot of the current topics as opposed to Trump. There are a lot of issues that Trump doesn’t want to take seriously like global warming and the severity of the coronavirus and I don’t think he realizes that his “economic success” is a reflection of what was left over from Obama’s last term. Trump just picked up on things. I don’t think that Trump is the right person to be president. He doesn’t know how to articulate, he doesn’t know how to communicate and he doesn’t know how to garner positive attitudes so people can have confidence in him.”




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