Chris Gayle – the most travelled cricketer

Jamaica and West Indies star Chris Gayle is the most travelled cricketer in the history of the game.

The explosive batsman has clocked more than two million Kilometres in the game, shuttling from one ground to the next.

According to a report if Gayle were an astronaut, that distance would cover three round trips to the moon and is also equivalent to circling the planet 50 times.

It added that if he was just shooting up like a rocket, he would have gone way beyond any human ever has.

Starting in 1998, when he made his first-class debut for Jamaica at Sabina park, till the start of the current season of the CPL, Gayle has featured in a total of 869 first-class, list a and T20 matches around the world.

That’s not to say he has played the most high-level matches – meaning first-class as Graeme hick holds that record, with 1214.

In fact, Gayle sits quite low on that list; but his flight map is a sign of the times, depicting the jet-setting life of a superstar freelance cricketer in the current era.

Second on the list of most traveled cricketers of all time are former Indian captain Sachin Tendulkar is next with 1.25 million kilometers with Australian batsman the renowned Sir Donald Brad man third with  0.24 million kilometers .


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