Barbados Records Spike in COVID Cases; New Restrictions Announced


Barbados Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kenneth George on Sunday called on all local establishments to re-evaluate all protocols related to COVID-19 in the wake of a hike in cases across the country.

George, who was speaking during a press conference on Sunday, following reports that 40 people, 20 males and 20 females, were diagnosed with COVID-19, also announced new restrictions.

He said that a curfew from 11 pm to 5 am (local time) has been reinstated. In addition, there were be no social gatherings and churches be allowed to have only 100 persons.

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During a press conference, the Chief Medical Officer revealed that a church and local business registered 33 and 21 new COVID-19 cases respectively, over the last few days.

He added that the Health Ministry was aware of businesses that were not adhering to protocols with employers and employees ditching most protocols while they are out of the eye of the public.

“What we are noticing, is that when you go into businesses across Barbados, you get some businesses doing a temperature check, you get hand sanitizer. The worrisome part of these businesses is the operations that you do not see. We have good reason to believe those operations include how people mix and mingle within the business.

“There is a feeling of comfort with your peers, and the worrisome part of this is where persons mix for example when they have their lunch break or other breaks, they are close to each other, they are not social distancing, and they are not wearing their masks. So, it looks like a facade, that what is happening in the front is not necessarily what is being translated in the back of the business,” he said.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic, also echoed the sentiments expressed by George and promised the COVID Monitoring Unit will step up its efforts to bring businesses in line with the health guidelines.

He told reporters that he will be meeting with the management of the COVID monitoring unit on Monday “because we have to enforce the protocols, and where people are not doing it on their own, then we have to take the necessary action to ensure that they do, if we are going to keep Barbados safe.”