“Ban the box” law still on the table

A proposed “Ban the box” law removing previous conviction questions from job applications remains alive, despite concerns from many on the Broward County Commission. A draft will now be up for a future vote.

There appeared to be majority support for removing the “have you been convicted” question from job applications, but not necessarily for a law backing it up.

The policy, backed by Commissioner Dale Holness, seeks to aid e-convicts reenter productive society.

Broward’s neighboring counties, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade, embraced the national initiative in the recent past, and no longer include the criminal conviction question on county job applications.

The campaign, which started in California in 2004 but is gaining steam now, seeks to make it easier for offenders to re-enter society. Some major employers, at least 16 states, and the Obama administration have adopted its box-banning protocol.


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