Antigua denies reports of a ban on the import of used vehicles

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC – The Antigua and Barbuda government has rubbished reports that it intends to place restrictions on the importation of used and reconditioned vehicles over 10 years into the country.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne speaking on a radio program, dismissed reports that his administration was moving to implement the ban later this month.

He recalled a situation where new car dealers reported him as having said ‘certain things, which were not necessarily true.

‘When it comes to anything in the interest of the ordinary man in this country I am always going to err on their side. I believe it is a policy that is working for the ordinary Antiguan and Barbudan,” he said, adding “I love to see when our people own properties, own boats, land, own houses, own cars”.

Antigua and Barbuda is among several Caribbean countries that allow for the importation of used vehicles. Some islands have placed a restriction on the age of the vehicles for environmental reasons.  


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