Another Month of Weekend Lockdowns for Jamaica

Jamaica Holness lockdown
PHOTO: YHOMO HUTCHINSON Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, speaking at the virtual press conference held at Jamaica House on Monday (March 8).

On Tuesday, Jamaica recorded a COVID-19 positivity rate of 8 percent, the lowest it has been in eight weeks. But the island’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness cautioned residents against celebrating prematurely.

He said that while the numbers are a sign that the stricter measures implemented in March have worked, the island is still in the danger zone. 

In parliament on Tuesday, Holness announced that the current COVID-19 measures will remain in place for the next month, with some changes to the weekend lockdowns. He said the extension was recommended by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. 

“As of this weekend, the curfew will begin 6 pm on Saturday and at 2 pm on Sunday, and will end at 5 am the following day. And this will run for the next four weeks,” he said.

The weekday 8 pm curfew will remain in place until June 3. The Prime Minister also announced a total lockdown of the country on Jamaica’s Labour Day on May 24th.

As it relates to travel, Holness also announced a travel ban on India and Trinidad and Tobago until June 2nd. This is in addition to the ban on travel from six South-American countries. All other travel protocols, including the negative test requirement, will also remain in place.


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