Another Month of Weekend Lockdowns for Jamaica

On Tuesday, Jamaica recorded a COVID-19 positivity rate of 8 percent, the lowest it has been in eight weeks. But the island’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness cautioned residents against celebrating prematurely.

He said that while the numbers are a sign that the stricter measures implemented in March have worked, the island is still in the danger zone. 

In parliament on Tuesday, Holness announced that the current COVID-19 measures will remain in place for the next month, with some changes to the weekend lockdowns. He said the extension was recommended by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. 

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“As of this weekend, the curfew will begin 6 pm on Saturday and at 2 pm on Sunday, and will end at 5 am the following day. And this will run for the next four weeks,” he said.

The weekday 8 pm curfew will remain in place until June 3. The Prime Minister also announced a total lockdown of the country on Jamaica’s Labour Day on May 24th.

As it relates to travel, Holness also announced a travel ban on India and Trinidad and Tobago until June 2nd. This is in addition to the ban on travel from six South-American countries. All other travel protocols, including the negative test requirement, will also remain in place.

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