‘A Time for Love, God’s Way’


There was a time in Dr. Audley Rollins’ life when his secular ballads thrilled lovers. And, although being since an ordained minister, for the past seven years, he still has the formula to keep love alive.

On February 10, Rollins and his wife Dr. Dawn Marie Wisdom, presents the sixth ‘A Time for Love God’s Way’ at the Inverrary Golf and Country Club in Lauderhill.

Renew marital vows

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At the event couples can renew their marriage vows or mend relationship-threatening differences through counselling, while singles get an opportunity to meet a potential spouse.

Rollins told National Weekly that Christians are not exempt from divorce. The high rate of separation among Christians is one of the reasons he and his wife started ‘A Time for Love’.

“We find that within the Church there are lots of divorces going on. One of the reasons is that they (couples) are not communicating properly and they don’t prioritize in marriage,” Rollins explained. “Sometimes you can share love with someone and you don’t even have to tell them ‘I love you’, but based on the things you do, and how you treat that person, they feel love. As well, you can tell someone a million times you love them, and they still don’t feel loved.”

Given its amorous theme, the approach of Valentine’s Day was selected to stage the event to help reach couples who believe their relationships could use some nips and tucks. Dr. Wisdom provides most of the counselling, focusing on ways to heal marital bonds in danger of going to the divorce court.

The couple liken the state of good and bad marriages to two lawns in a neighborhood. One lawn is lush and well-manicured; the other is parched and crying for attention. It is obvious one of the neighbors is doing something right.

Singles Zone

Singles are not left out, hence the Singles Zone which is open to persons looking to meet a significant other.

Drs. Audley Rollins and Dawn Marie Wisdom are pastors at Wisdom Sabbath Ministries in Plantation. Both are graduates of Galilee Ministries University.

According to Rollins, response to ‘A Time for Love’ has grown considerably since its launch. The majority of attendees are Jamaicans, with a spattering of Trinidadians and Americans, who are treated to a romantic setting of roses (for the ladies), wedding songs and re-commitment to their spouse.

Before he became a born-again Christian, Rollins was a reggae artist. Born in Kingston, the Jamaican capital, he recorded for top producers there including Bunny Lee and Lloyd “Matador” Daley.

It was Daley (who died in Florida last year) who produced Repatriation is A Must, Rollins’ best-known song, in 1971. Rollins has since recorded three gospel albums.

The Edwards Quartet, Zana Hunt and Jermaine Ramsey will perform at ‘A Time For Love God’s Way’.



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