Florida listed as toughest place to rent in US, according to study

Rent is taking the biggest bite out of Florida residents’ pockets, according to a new study by real estate website apartmentlist.com.

The report found more than half of Florida renters spend more than a third of their income on rent, the highest rate in the country. According to data, Miami Gardens is the worst for renters, while Plantation and Sunrise proved the easiest on the wallet.

The study also found that Florida, Hawaii, and California each have cost-burden rates of 57% or higher.

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The US renter population is currently the largest it has ever been, and now stands at 43 million households. The share of US renters facing cost burdens, however, has risen steadily in the past 50 years, from 24% in 1960 to 38% in the year 2000.

The study was based on U.S. Census data for 2014.

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