State of the Southern Jamaica Diaspora to be discussed in upcoming Think-Tank

The Jamaican diaspora will once again unite for the State of The Southern Jamaica Diaspora 2022, reception/dinner scheduled for September 17 at Chateau De Thierry in Hollywood. The event is open to all Jamaicans in the diaspora and will see attendance of several high-profile Jamaicans as they discuss matters concerning Jamaicans at home and abroad. Those wishing to attend may RSVP only by texting name, email, phone number to 954-546-1494.

The event will hear from speakers including Dr. Allan Cunningham, Global Jamaica Diaspora Council representative for the Southern USA region.  He is scheduled to deliver the keynote address.

State of The Southern Jamaica Diaspora 2022 is organized by Peter Gracey a Kingston-born real estate broker and literary advocate who is based in Central Florida. Concerned “there is a dis-connect within our Jamaican diaspora”, he organized the think-tank. The think-tank also has Lauderdale Lakes mayor Hazelle Rogers and Dr. Rosemarie Lewis, president of the Jamaica Diaspora Southern Region, as speakers.

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Others expected to speak are Judges Jackie Powell and Norman Hemming, publisher Xavier Murphy, attorney Marlon Hill, Dr. Rupert Francis, president of Jamaican Men of Florida and Dr. Monique Blake-Roswell, president for Jamaican Women of Florida, as speakers.

Gracey explained the inspiration behind the conference “Diasporas are not easy to manage as the demographics are far and wide, but if we can get an idea of where we were three years ago, and where we are today, based on the findings of the current Global Jamaica Diaspora Representative, Dr. Allan Cunningham, and it can be measured, then we can create somewhat of a centralized strategic plan moving forward.”

He hopes the inaugural State of The Southern Diaspora will attract influencers from the private and public sectors.

The Jamaica Diaspora Southern Region includes Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Plus, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

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