Jamaican Hotel Invites Guests To Work And Vacation In Kingston

COVID-19 has definitely changed the way millions of American conduct work. While before the pandemic began impacting Americans in late February, the vast majority of American workers commuted to the workplace by various modes of transportation, now a large majority are working from home, with the main tool of work being a laptop, a tablet, and even a cell phone.

But working at home creates a new problem—cabin fever, or the feeling of abject confinement in the limited space of the home. Thanks to modern technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, work-from-home does not necessarily mean work at home.

Many people are desirous of getting away to somewhere safe from the virus, but offering a new refreshing scene, while they continue to work on their job assignments.

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Recently in Jamaica, the Jamaica Pegasus, Kingston’s premier business hotel, restructured its operations to best meet the needs of workers who want to get away from the confinement of working from home, including those who would like to travel and take a well-earned vacation even while carrying out their work responsibility.

With this twin objective, the Jamaica Pegasus has launched two new for visitors.

The first package is the Co[ME] Work package that targets work-from-home professionals and students who could benefit from an elegant, resort-style change of scenery to spice up their typical workday. Co[ME] Work packages include the private use of guest rooms converted into office suites, with desks and conference tables replacing the hotel’s legendarily comfortable beds.

Jamaica Pegasus Co[ME] Work packages can be booked by the day, the week (seven days), in 10 day periods, or on a monthly (30 days) basis at very attractive discounted rates. A four-hour option is also available. Co[ME] Work office suites can accommodate one professional or a group of up to four. All office suites include desks, small conference tables, high-speed Wi-Fi internet service, sofa or love seat, mini-fridge, coffee machine, hot water kettle, bottled water, flat-screen TV, and private restrooms.

Oliver Mair, Jamaica Consulate General in Miami, commented on the new Jamaica Pegasus initiatives, saying: “Success in business today is largely predicated on a corporation’s ability to remain nimble and flexible. Telecommuting, mobile and remote work are more important now than ever before. The Jamaica Pegasus’ Co[ME] Work program effectively meets the challenges and opportunities presented by the new normal of today’s business world, helping to keep Jamaica moving forward.”

Guests taking advantage of Jamaica Pegasus Co[ME] Work packages also enjoy access to the hotel’s fitness center, spa, tennis courts, pool, restaurants, bar, and larger meeting facilities. Added fees apply.

“For Jamaicans that work from home, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and students, as well as international travelers visiting Jamaica, our Co[ME] Work packages provide a welcome, stimulating new environment where they can focus and pursue professional or academic goals in style and removed from the distractions of home,” noted Mrs. Nicola Madden-Greig, group director of marketing and sales. “The packages are also ideal for those in the Jamaican Diaspora based overseas who may need a professional space to carry out some business in the course of enjoying an extended visit with family.”

The other package, particularly relevant to U.S. workers who are eager to get away is the hotel’s Workation program, which invites the working visitor to experience the best of daily life in Kingston by staying and working at the Jamaica Pegasus on a monthly basis. Workation packages carry a 30-night minimum stay and start at US$3,499 monthly, including all taxes—a savings of 70 percent off regular published rates.

“Taken together, our Co[ME] Work and Workation packages offer two great options for anyone who can work from anywhere to take their careers to new heights in style in Jamaica,” added Madden-Greig.

The Jamaica Pegasus is located within convenient distance of Kingston’s prime commercial center, as well as such noted attractions as Devon House, The Bob Marley Museum, and Emancipation Park, allowing guests to do business and enjoy the best of Kingston with ease.

Named one of “The Top 52 Places to Go in 2017” by The New York Times, and recently designated as a “Creative City of Music” by UNESCO, Kingston shines among the most dynamic, exciting, and culturally significant cities in the Americas. Known historically as a key center of trade in the West Indies, Kingston carries a renewed sense of vitality today, its renowned fashion scene, pulsating nightlife, celebrated gastronomy, and attractions fueling a renaissance in the largest predominantly English-speaking city south of the United States.



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