St. Vincent and the Grenadines Independence spotlight: Mareeze Prince

As the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Diaspora around the world celebrates 36 years of independence this week, The National Weekly sheds a spotlight on the many ways the Diaspora has enriched South Florida. Honoring this independence spirit, we spoke with members of the community to talk about what makes them proud Vincentian-Americans.

Birthplace: Kingstown, St. Vincent

Lives in: Miramar

Moved to FL: 2000

What she wishes you knew about SVG: “When you speak about ‘SVG,’ they will just say ‘them small islanders,’” says Mareeze. “But although we are a small island, we have big hearts, great personalities. We love to party and we love our homeland.”

Most cherished memory of home: For Mareeze, it’s the simple childhood memories of “going to the beach on early Saturday morning with a well-seasoned pig, goat and a bottle of sunset rum. We cook all day, play on the sea side, swim in the turquoise waters and party all night. Enjoying good times with family and friends with no worries in the world.” And Mareeze will never say no to “some nice black fish with some arrowroot bake douggboy.”

Why she’s a proud Vincentian-American: “After leaving my homeland over 35 years, I still value my culture, my heritage and the great hospitality that we convey to others,” says Mareeze. “And the Vincentian community here in South Florida is small, but nevertheless when we get together it’s just like we are back home. Everybody’s eating, drinking and having a good time. We just appreciate each other.”


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