Welshman of Jamaican heritage looking to boost island’s rugby

Wes Cunliffe...looking to boost Jamaica's rugby

A Welshman, whose grandparents are Jamaican, is looking to help build the island’s profile on the rugby scene, much akin to the fame showered on the island’s first bobsleigh team. His name is Wes Cunliffe and he is an accomplished player in the Welsh Rugby League where he plays for Newport RFC.

Cunliffe is also part of Jamaica’s rugby team which participated in the recent Hong Kong sevens qualifiers.

The 30-year-old Cunliffe’s grandparents hail from Sherwood Content, the same Jamaican district as the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt.

Cunliffe was playing for the Samurai sevens side and was approached by his coach James Bailey who asked him about his heritage. After his Jamaican heritage had been established he was asked by Bailey to assist with the island’s young Rugby program and he gladly accepted.

The Jamaican sevens side, known as ‘The Crocs’ failed to win in the Hong Kong sevens qualifiers losing to Germany, Uganda and Tonga. However the team, which is bolstered by several players who play in England, has hopes of qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast next year.



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