Fourth St. Lucian quarry explosion victim dies

St Lucia quarry explosion

Close to one month after a quarry explosion in which over 30 persons were injured – three fatally, a fourth person died in hospital Sunday.

Relatives have confirmed the death of Jude Skelly, 43 one of the four critically injured patients flown to a hospital in Martinique after the March 21 explosion.

Jude was an employee of the Rayneau Gajadhar-owned quarry, operated by the RG Group of Companies – Construction & Industrial Equipment (CIE) Ltd and RG. Quarry (RGQ).

Investigations are continuing into the explosion, which employees initially said was caused when workers were wielding the top of a container in which dynamite was stored.

Relatives said that Jude received a blow to the head, and remained in a coma for two weeks.

But they held out hope for a full recovery after Jude talked and laughed when they last spoke to him on Thursday.

However, on Friday, the family was told that Jude developed breathing problems, suffered heart failure Saturday and never recovered.‎
The explosion, nearly a month ago, caused widespread damage to offices and heavy-duty equipment on the plant and nearby buildings in the Cul De Sac valley.


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