US, Cuban universities sign bilateral corporation agreement

The United States and Cuba have signed an agreement to promote bilateral academic collaboration agreement between the University of Havana and Virginia Commonwealth University.

The agreement was signed at the University of Havana by Virginia’s governor Terence R McAuliffe, who is visiting the Spanish speaking Caribbean country.

The accord will facilitate the exchange of documents, publications and other material as well as joint implementation of summer courses and semester programs for regular Virginia students at the University of Havana.

It also includes reciprocal visits by professors, researchers and postgraduate students.

During the meeting, the Chancellor also known as the Rector of the University of Havana Gustavo Cobreiro said the University has exchange programmes 450 universities from around the world, including 45 higher education centers in the US.

McAuliffe, who is in Cuba on a political and commercial mission also hopes to boost the export of agricultural products from Virginia to the island, promote closer links in maritime transportation as well as higher education and culture .



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