South Florida Media Personalities, Community Leaders Procure Donations for Jamaican Hospitals

WAVS1170AM/107.9FM Radio personality Jeremiah Campbell, along with fellow broadcasters, community leaders, and friends have once again spearheaded an effort to provide well-needed assistance to hospitals in Jamaica.

Through a partnership with Laparkan Shipping and Food For The Poor, over 50 new hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, adult diapers, masks and other items will be shipped to Jamaica for distribution to Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine, Black River Hospital in St. Elizabeth and Port Maria Hospital in St. Mary.

The COVID-19 pandemic and already difficult economic conditions amplified the need for assistance and the South Florida community responded with selfless enthusiasm. The grassroots effort spurred on by radio appeals made on WAVS1170AM/107.9FM elicited donations and support from listeners, entertainers, business owners, politicians and many others. It was all hands on deck as volunteers from all walks of life collected, sorted, packed and transported donations in preparation for shipment.

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For many years Jeremiah Campbell and friends have undertaken similar efforts which have provided support for one hospital and one school per year. Plans are already in the works for a back-to-school initiative led by Jeremiah’s brother, Hubert Campbell, which will provide book bags and other school supplies to students in Jamaica as they prepare to resume in-person instruction in the fall.    

For more information or if you would like to join the effort please contact Jeremiah Campbell at 786.395.0591.



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