The Diaspora Task Force brings you the “Nuh Guh Deh” campaign

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In 2015, spurred by the amplification in incidences of reported child sexual abuse in Jamaica. Lavern Deer the President of the Jamaica International Female Development Inc. (JIFD), Dr. Susan Davis, former Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Representative for Southern USA, and other members of the Diaspora, joined forces with ‘EVE For Life’ (EVE) in Jamaica to bring awareness and support to the cases.

In 2017, the campaign continues to champion its cause of bringing awareness to the prevalent act of child sexual abuse. The recent case in Jamaica of the clergy found in a compromising position with an underage child, brings to light a number of issues/concerns, none less than those already highlighted in conversations on social media.

While these behaviors remain vile and unacceptable acts against our most vulnerable population, it is pleasing to the task force to see this candid discourse that has emerged. It is however disappointing to note that through the many conversations, concerns for the victim is not one which is readily discussed.

The overarching goal of the Protect Them – Nuh Guh Deh Campaign is to contribute to reducing the incidences of sexual abuse of children in Jamaica, which includes bringing awareness and urging a zero tolerance approach to the abuse of children. Concerning the welfare of the child, we applaud the police for having the courage to follow through with the arrest of the clergy, and we trust that this bold move will be the beginning of getting the message – “Nuh Guh Deh,” across all socio-economic levels of the Jamaican society.  We continue to support EVE for Life as they work with other child protective agencies in ensuring the safety and well-being of the child.

Concerning the clergy, we trust due diligence and the proper legal process will prevail and that no unmerited privileges will be afforded him because of his status and connections.


We the Diaspora Nuh Guh Deh -Task Force, commit to supporting the victims of child sexual abuse by being their advocate and voice, their protector and their provider by:

  1. Increasing awareness about the long term physical, emotional, health, financial and social consequences of sexual abuse of infants, children and youth of either gender.
  2. Mobilizing Jamaicans to report acts of sexual violence against children
  3. Encouraging Jamaicans to use the phrase “Nuh Guh Deh!”to challenge current behaviors of primarily men who sexually exploit infants, children and our youth.
  4. Supporting the efforts of EVE for Life and other similar agencies in Jamaica, and assisting local initiatives to empower young people from all social and economic class and foster positive development, as we “encourage the policy and decision makers and legislators, to also speak out. Speak out – in Parliament, in the Senate, in your various positions in public life – to actively support policies and agencies which can protect the infant, child and youth of any gender from sexual abuse;ensure perpetrators of child sexual abuse are dealt with under the law; encourage and support duty bearers and caregivers to report sexual abuse of our children.”
  5. Helping to fund-raise so we can realize the key objectives outlined.


In order to provide, for this young yet targeted population group, we require ongoing funds to attend to their essentials…help us help them.

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