Congressman Alcee Hastings to Seek Re-election

Urges “Caribbean folks to step up and take your place” 

Left to right: 1.Mayor Hazel Rogers 2.Dr. Rose Marie Adamson-Lewis President CADC 3.Sajan Kurian (President South Asian Democratic Club) 4.Congressman Hastings

SOUTH FLORIDA – Contrary to earlier speculations, veteran South Florida politician Congressman Alcee Hastings will be seeking reelection to the US Congress to represent Florida’s 20th congressional district in the 2020 general elections.

He “is back”

 When Hastings, 83, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last January there was rampant speculations if he would seek reelection to the seat he has held since 1993. But on October 27 at an event held jointly by the Caribbean American Democratic Club and the Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida at the Krave Banquet Hall in the City of Sunrise the congressman confidently announced  he “is back” and cautioned those who thought he was down and out, that he’s running for re-election.

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Representing District 20, which includes sections of Broward and Palm Beach counties Hasting represents a large African and Caribbean American community.

Dean of Florida’s Congressional Delegation

Following Senator Bill Nelson‘s departure from office in January 2019, Hastings became the dean or longest-serving member of Florida’s congressional delegation.

Caribbean and African Americans Urged to Forget Differences

Congressman Hastings, who was keynote speaker at the Sunrise event, delivered a fiery, impassioned address to Caribbean and African American folks, imploring them to “forget their differences, embrace each other, work together, involve everyone - especially young people, and do the work set out before us.” He said they need to support whoever wins, get over losing, get the vote out and support the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, whoever he or she is.

2020 elections are “urgent and critical”

The Congressman reminded the audience the 2020 election is urgent and critical as the incumbent president cannot be allowed to be in the White House for four more years.  With so much at stake, Hastings recounted that every vote- “including the vote of those who have paid their debt to society is also on the line, and therefore we should be attentive to the upcoming judgement on the matter concerning former felons’ right to vote.”

He shone the spotlight on Jamaicans and Haitians, reminding of their prominence in South Florida and the need to get together, do away with divisive behavior and the urgency of getting the eventual Democratic Party nominee elected.

Caribbean American Democratic Club president Dr. Rose-Marie Adamson-Lewis welcomed the capacity audience to the event, which buzzed with activity from a host of elected officials and those seeking office in next year’s elections.

In her address, Dr. Adamson-Lewis shared her vision for the club, which she states, will be the vehicle and catalyst for getting the votes out next year, not just for Caribbean folks, but everyone. She plans to place a premium on grassroot activities including door-to-door messaging, telephone calls, working churches and organizations, aligning with the census bureau and supervisor of elections, with the aim to correct voter anomalies and other matters that could deprive voters of their right.

Lewis also plans to galvanize folks for the vote, using her platforms on the various organizations which she serves, whether as a healthcare worker, overseas health mission worker, lecturer, board member for Partners for Youth Foundation or an activist in the Jamaican Diaspora.

She urged everyone not to sit by and wait for anyone else to get the vote out- “You must make it happen…we can’t take any chances”, she said.

Other Democratic Party representatives at the event included:   Marty Kiar (Broward County Property Appraiser), Grace Carrington (State/National Committeewoman) Robin Bartleman (Broward School Board),  Mitch Caesar (former DNC Chair),  Dale Holness (Vice Mayor of Broward County) Marilyn Stevens (Census Administrator),  Gregory Tony (Broward Sheriff), Sajan Kurian (President, South Asian Democratic Caucus) and Hazel Rogers (Mayor of Lauderdale Lakes and Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida).