Jahazeil Myrie Releases ‘Left To Right’ Music Video

Jahazeil Myrie was born for musical success. Aside from being the son of living legend Buju Banton, his own eagerness to win and inspiring life choices have manifested into a melodic masterpiece.

A masterpiece entitled “Left To Right,” something everyone can relate to in their lives.

“It took me five minutes to write the song as the melody and words were already in my head. One day I was cleaning out and I just started to sing.” He told CNW.

Yes, aside from writing music and singing it, Jahazeil loves to clean, he can’t function around mess at all.

Jahazeil shared the stage with his father at his Long Walk To Freedom tour back in 2019. He has also performed at Meadowbrook High school to rousing cheers from the young females. He says he is grateful for those experiences, that ignited a fire for wanting more out of music.

Parrow Don and Duss Record produced the catchy song, with visuals shot on Mountain Springs in Hope Pastures one Sunday afternoon. Some hurdles almost prevented the video production. But these were no match for the determined artist who knew that the work must continue regardless of anything.

“Can’t catch a break cause the devil is awake” might be true to an extent. But for the man who knows that prayer is powerful, he reminds us to “get the lighter, fight the war with fire. Say a thousand prayers, protected by the Messiah.”

The songwriter is ready to work on more songs and collaborate with his colleagues in the business. He has expressed it as a “blessing” for those who have helped him and his music thus far.

Listen and watch the video for his latest song below:

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