Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Have to Quarantine in Jamaica

by Jovani Davis

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Hon. Andrew Holness has announced that fully vaccinated people will no longer be required to quarantine upon entry into Jamaica as of July 1.

Prime Minister Holness made the announcement on June 22 at the sitting of the House of Representatives.

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Holness stated that fully vaccinated people now have the option of taking a PCR test and upon presentation of negative results, they can be released from the quarantine order.

“So essentially, you come into Jamaica and you would be permitted to get your PRC test. Once that result is negative and you’re fully vaccinated, you are released from quarantine,” Holness explained.

“This is to recognize the lower risk posed by fully vaccinated persons. I must caution, however, that while the risk is reduced, there is still a risk that fully vaccinated persons may be carriers of the virus and be able to transmit it to non-vaccinated persons,” the prime minister said.

“Maintaining this quarantine is particularly important so that we can control the spread of variant strains that may be acquired from travel.”

Prime Minister Holness is therefore encouraging everyone including those who are fully vaccinated to wear their masks and observe all Covid-19 protocols.

The Prime Minister said that the government does not consider persons fully vaccinated until two weeks after they receive the full dosage of the vaccine, meaning both doses in the case of a two dose vaccine or one dose in the case of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Persons who are not fully vaccinated still have to quarantine for 14 days.




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